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The Path of The Beam – Adapting The Dark Tower for the Screen [Obsessive Friends: Tiny]

OBSESSIVE NOTE: Tiny and I are huge fans of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. When I came up with the idea for a Stephen King Week on the blog, I remembered all of the conversations he and I have had over the years about how The Dark Tower should be adapted. Seriously, several full days of our lives have been spent discussing King’s magnum opus.

So I asked him to write his ideas down for the blog. What I got was a massive and intricately detailed manifesto about his vision for the series we love so much. So, in honor of Dark Tower Day today, here is how Tiny would adapt the series. You can read mine here: Ka is a Wheel – How I Would Adapt The Dark Tower

Matt (@ObsessiveViewer)


Much like Roland of Gilead, The Tower has affected my mind. I should say, Roland was plagued, consumed, held prisoner by The Tower.  There was no aspect of his existence that The Tower did not corrupt. All I did was read his story. Now I think about him every day.  His journey, his torment, his world, his friends, his enemies, his love, his suffering. From Roland’s first days in Mid-World to the final chapter of his journey he is put through a gauntlet of hardships. The emotional distress alone would crush most people, but Roland perseveres. There is, arguably, no other character in all of literature more tragic. Continue reading

Ka is a Wheel – How I Would Adapt The Dark Tower


I’ve kept a detailed outline of how I would adapt Stephen King’s magnum opus, The Dark Tower, since I started reading the second book. Around the time I finished the third book, I started day dreaming about what kind of Dark Tower tattoo I would get. I have no interest in getting a tattoo. But there’s something about this particular Stephen King work that speaks to me on a deeper level than anything else he’s written.

For those unfamiliar with The Dark Tower, it’s a multi-book fantasy/western/horror hybrid about Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger remaining in a world that’s “moved on.” He’s a tortured soul who’s consumed by a quest to reach a mythical “Dark Tower” that stands as the nexus of time and space. It connects all of existence and it’s in danger. Roland must journey to the Tower to save his world and all others.

When I read something, my mind instinctively works out how it would fit on the screen (be it large or small). I’m a purest when it comes to adapting things. Maybe it’s because I enjoy writing and, on a subconscious level, I feel like things need to stay as is when being converted to a different format. Regardless, I often have a clear image of what I want to see in an adaptation.

The Dark Tower is no different. Continue reading