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Coming at you a little early in the week, here’s the latest episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! This is a very special episode of the show as we broke down the Oscar nominees with the help of friends from 7 other podcasts! Timestamps and links can of course be found below and in the show notes/lyrics page of the episode on your mp3 player.

I am very proud of how this episode turned out and I want to thank all the awesome shows who helped us out with it!

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2/26 – Episode 40 – 86th Academy Awards Nominee Showcase

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The guys celebrate this year’s Oscars by providing their insight into this year’s nominees. In addition to their input, they yield the floor to input from Intermission Podcast, Poor Man’s Process, The Nerds You’re Looking For, MovieBuzz[ed], The Chris Brake Show, Dento and the Robot & The Everyday Destruction Show.

Runtime: 1:41:12


  • Skip Intro and Theme Music – 0:35
  • Episode Concept – 1:42
  • This Year’s Oscar Race – 3:15

Oscar Nominations

  • Best Documentary, Features – OVPodcast4:52
  • Best Visual Effects – Intermission Podcast ( – 8:08
  • Best Sound Editing/Sound Mixing – OVPodcast – 14:38
  • Best Original Song/Score – OVPodcast – 18:00
  • Best Makeup and Hairstyling – Poor Man’s Process22:19
  • Best Costume/Production Design – OVPodcast – 27:22
  • Best Editing – OVPodcast – 33:18
  • Best Cinematography – OVPodcast – 38:14
  • Best Animated Feature – The Nerds You’re Looking For43:01
  • Best Adapted Screenplay – MovieBuzz[ed]46:34
  • Best Original Screenplay – The Chris Brake Show51:22
  • Best Director – OVPodcast – 1:02:50
  • Best Supporting Actress – Dento and the Robot1:05:55
  • Best Supporting Actor – The Everyday Destruction Show1:14:54
  • Best Actress – OVPodcast – 1:21:58
  • Best Actor – OVPodcast – 1:24:06
  • Best Picture – OVPodcast – 1:27:15
  • Oscar Snubs – 1:35:39

Show Notes

Music: Star Tissue – An Eclipse of Events –

The Secular Perspective

The Obsessive Book Nerd

The Act of Killing AMA

Tiny’s Review of The East

Where to Find Our Friends’ Shows

Intermission Podcast:

Poor Man’s Process:

The Nerds You’re Looking For:


The Chris Brake Show:

Dento and the Robot:

The Everyday Destruction Show:

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