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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 65 – Summer of Sandler Part II – 2000-2004



 OV65 – Summer of Sandler Part II – 2000-2004

The guys are back for the second installment of their Summer of Sandler series where they examine the career of Adam Sandler and ask the unanswerable question of whether or not the Sandman is actually funny or a product of youthful perception.

In Part 2, the guys discuss Little Nicky, Mr. Deeds. Punch-Drunk Love, Eight Crazy Nights, Anger Management, 50 First Dates and Spanglish.

The discussion ran long so there is no Potpourri this week, but check back next week for an extended potpourri episode.

Runtime: 1:26:21

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Decade Reviews – Elephant (2003) – Reviewed 6/9/04 & 7/24/14


A decade ago, I was a teenager in high school. I had my first job at my local movie theater and used my newfound disposable income to get a Netflix subscription.

Over the summer of 2004, 17/18 year old Matt wrote 21 movie reviews and posted them on IMDb. Recently, I dug up these reviews and decided to revisit each movie and evaluate how my tastes have changed over the last decade.

So for each of these posts, I will write a present-day review and then copy/paste the original review after. Then, I’ll compare the two and give a summary at the end. You can find all the reviews here, follow me on Twitter here and check out The Obsessive Viewer Podcast here. Now, lets talk about Elephant. Continue reading