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Indy Film Fest 2015: Movie Review – Chrysalis (2014)


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I watched Chrysalis as part of 2015’s Indy Film Fest at the IMAX theater in the Indiana State Museum on July 17th. You can find more of ObsessiveViewer.com’s coverage of the festival here.

From writer Ben Kurstin and director John Klein, Chrysalis is a post-apocalyptic movie in the vain of 28 Days Later set in 2038. In this future where people infected with a virus attack what remains of humanity, Josh (Cole Simon) and Penelope (Sara Gorsky) roam the wasteland for shelter and food. When the couple take in lone survivor Abira (Tanya Thai McBride), their lives get suddenly get more complicated, throwing their survival into question. Continue reading

Indy Film Fest 2015: Awards Night & After Party

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Last night was Indy Film Fest’s Awards Night. The film shown was Noah Baumbach’s latest Mistress America (opening August 14th). I’ll have a review of the movie posted tomorrow. For now, I just want to share my quick thoughts on Awards Night at the 2015 Indy Film Fest. Of course, you can find all of ObsessiveViewer.com’s coverage of the Indy Film Fest right hereContinue reading