In late 2018, we launched a Patreon with the intention of providing supplementary content for our listeners and earn a little bit of money on the side. From there, it has grown into a multitiered, endless abyss of recordings whose content ranges from silly hypothetical questions, serious personal/current event discussions, commentary tracks, bonus reviews, TV reviews, unreleased content, reaction videos, and way too many super embarrassing stories.

To keep track of all that there is on Patreon, I am keeping archive pages on the website. This page is an archive of all the content we have for our $2 and above Patreon levels. Note, this tier also includes everything in the $1 Patreon level as well.

Click on any episode link to be taken to our Patreon page, pledge $2, and you will have instant access to everything on this specific page (and the $1 Patreon level as well).

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