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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 61 – Obsessive Viewer One Year Anniversary Special



OV61 – Obsessive Viewer One Year Anniversary Special

The guys reflect on the first year of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast. They share NEVER BEFORE HEARD behind the scenes stories about the making of the podcast and the trials and tribulations the trio faced in the first year.

How was Matt able to buy all the equipment at once? Want to hear about how Matt got dumped in the middle of recording? How did Mike join the show? What did we do when Tiny’s audio messed up in one episode? Secrets will be revealed, questions will be answered!

Runtime: 1:09:15

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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 39 – TV and Tangents with Tank, OV Archives

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Here’s the latest episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! I’m fighting either the flu of food poisoning to get this to you guys. Mike and Tiny couldn’t record this week, so I had a nice solo chat with Tank, the cohost of one of my favorite movie podcasts, about TV and the entertainment industry.

Then I grabbed some never-before-released clips from the OV Archives to

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