ObsessiveViewer.com’s The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – A weekly movie/TV podcast that covers a specific topic (be it genre, trope, movie, or show) every episode.

Hosted by Matt Hurt, Anthony “Tiny” Ramion, and Mike White, every episode takes a roundtable approach to the week’s topic. The hosts give examples and discuss the topic for about an hour. Following the topic discussion is usually a 20-30 minute “Potpourri” section where the hosts share their thoughts on any movie or TV show they’ve recently watched or are looking forward to seeing.



ObsessiveViewer.com Presents: Anthology – A podcast exploring science fiction anthology storytelling in television’s golden age. 

Hosted by Matt Hurt, every episode of Anthology covers two episodes of The Twilight Zone. Matt begins with a summary of the episode, then provides some background on the main cast, director, writer and any subtext in the script. He then reviews the episode from both technical and storytelling perspectives and shares his feelings about it and (if applicable) how he relates to it on a personal level.

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