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Category: IFF2020

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IFF2020: Movie Review – Climate of the Hunter (2019)

Mixing a unique throwback vampire aesthetic with a modern psychological horror bend, Climate of the Hunter guides its audience through the paces of its macabre story in a way that will keep you engaged throughout. The film weaves its tale of horror through the story of two women at a family cabin who are competing for the attention (and potential affection) of a man from their past who has returned after a long absence. As their interactions with him heat up, the tension between the sisters bubbles up and his true intentions are called into question.

Film Festival Coverage 0

IFF2020: Movie Review – The Last Christmas Party (2020)

Currently screening virtually at Indy Film Fest 2020, The Last Christmas Party takes a vérité approach to its telling of intersecting romantic dramas playing out over one college Christmas party. Through three central couples, the film examines meaty relationship quandaries such as casual vs serious dating status, who’s really in love with who, and how individual decisions can wreak havoc on long-term relationships. The Last Christmas Party brings these elements together to form a worthy and contemplative entry in the tried and true subcategory of film that is the one night existential crossroads movie.