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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 82 – OV Remix – The Nolan Retrospective in Chronological Order (Sept. 2013)



OV82 – OV Remix – The Nolan Retrospective in Chronological Order (Sept. 2013)

On Sept. 11, 2013, Matt, Mike and Tiny recorded their “Christopher Nolan Retrospective.” Matt edited it in the style of Memento, putting individual discussions into reverse chronological order and splicing a general discussion about Nolan in between each discussion.

Later this week, we are releasing our Interstellar review. In honor of that episode, we’re re-releasing our Nolan Retrospective in chronological order. There’s also a teaser for our Interstellar review at the end. Continue reading


OV’s 2013 Holiday Buying Guide – The Best Blu-Rays & DVDs for Every Obsessive Viewer

Well, the holiday season is upon us and the time to get your Christmas shopping done is rapidly dwindling. There’s a little over a week left until Christmas and if you are hard pressed to find the obsessive viewer in your life a Christmas gift this year, look no further.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the best Blu-Rays and DVDs you can get that will keep your loved one happy and busy into the new year.

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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 30 – A Nerdy Conversation with IndyPopCon’s Chase Kahlo

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Here’s the latest ep of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! I’m really excited about this episode. This week we had an in-studio guest for the first time since our friend Greg helped us kick off the podcast in June! Our guest was Chase Kahlo, one of the guys behind Indy PopCon (the brand new pop culture convention coming to Indianapolis in May 2014).

We had so much fun recording with Chase and we’ll probably have him back as the convention nears. And when I say he’s our first “in-studio” guest, I mean he’s our first guest in the makeshift studio I converted my brother’s sunroom into and use to record in while he’s at work. But all the same, it’s a great episode and I hope you like it. Continue reading

The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 17 – Christopher Nolan Retrospective Part 2 – 2005-1998

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After a long and stressful day, the latest episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast is finally available!

This is Part 2 of our 2-part Christopher Nolan Retrospective. Part 1 debuted last week and gave us some of our best feedback yet.

These episodes are special as they are edited in a very unique way. In an effort to honor Christopher Nolan we edited this podcast in reverse like Memento.

Check it out and let us know what you think. Continue reading

The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 15 – Christopher Nolan Retrospective Part 1 – 2012-2006

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I’ve finally unleashed Episode 15 of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast upon the internet. This is the first part of a two-part “Summer Season Finale” episode where we discuss everything Nolan-related. We made an interesting choice with the editing. If you’re a Memento fan, you’ll appreciate it. I hope. Part 2 can be found here!

Check it out below and let us know what you think! Continue reading

Is Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar Being Positioned for the 2015 Oscar Race?

A few years ago, two things happened. My alarm ringtone was changed to Mind Heist by Zack Hemsey (the music from the trailer for Inception) and I stumbled upon Interstellar’s IMDb page. At the time, Interstellar was one of many movies in line to be directed by Steven Spielberg. Those movies included War Horse, The Adventures of Tintin and Lincoln.

From time to time I would check on Interstellar‘s status and be met with disappointment as Spielberg would pick a new project. But after seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s zero gravity fight sequence in Inception, an idea struck me and took hold. Christopher Nolan needs to direct Interstellar.

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