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Here it is, the first episode of the Fall 2013 season of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast. I referenced last week that we had an editing crisis that resulted in a late release. This week we almost had the same thing happen! Luckily it was salvageable and led to a new ep, bright and early for your listening pleasure.

This episode is our kick off to the most wonderful time of the year. That special month where we load up on horror movies and celebrate a genre of movies that has a little something for everyone. This week we discuss the movie tropes and horror subgenres that really creep us out.

It’s a great discussion. In honor of the episode and season, we want to know what scares you! Tell us about your relationship with horror and what movies or scenes get under your skin. You could get mentioned on the podcast (along with anything you may want us to promote)!

Also, check out for a very comprehensive collection of podcasts you can listen to. While you’re there, vote for us for Podcast of the Month! It would me a lot to us.

9/27 – Episode 18 – What Scares Us! All Hallow’s Eve, Mom and HIMYM 

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Matt, Mike and Tiny kick off Fall and the podcast’s second “season” with a deep look at the things that scare them the most and the movies that had the biggest, most frightening impact on them. Stick around after the discussion to hear about the movie Mike is excited about for Shocktober, find out Tiny’s thoughts on the series premiere of Mom and hear Matt gush over the final season premiere of How I Met Your Mother.

Let us know what scares you!

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