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Here’s the latest ep of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast, released a little early on account of the Thanksgiving holiday! This one was one of my favorite episodes to record. We had a really great discussion about a ton of different movies and how they depicted real world tragedy in movies.

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11/27 – Episode 28 – Tragedy on the Screen, The Heat, @Midnight and Silent Night

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Matt, Tiny and Mike discuss the onscreen depictions of historically tragic events. The conversation includes a review of The American Film Company’s Parkland, Tiny shares stories about visiting Poland and how it affected the way he feels about Schindler’s List and Mike and Matt debated artistic license in Fruitvale Station.

After the topic, the guys unwind with a potpourri section that includes Tiny’s review of The Heat, Mike’s thoughts on the horror remake Silent Night and Matt’s excitement for Key and Peele & @Midnight.


  • Parkland 5:48
  • Schindler’s List 11:47
  • Reign Over Me & Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close 29:20
  • World Trade Center v. United 9336:53
  • Remember Me40:22
  • Hunger44:15
  • Fruitvale Station51:39
  • OV Potpourri1:01:53
 (The Heat, Silent Night, Key and Peele & @Midnight)

Show Notes

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