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This week we’re releasing a very special episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! Not only is this the first episode Tiny, Mike and myself recorded together in person, we also had our friend Rob on the show! Rob is young father, so we picked his brain on his perspective of the Pixar movies and how they are affecting his daughter’s early childhood. I hope you guys like it!

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1/17 – Episode 35 – Pixar Movies, Lone Survivor and The Bling Ring

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This week our friend Rob joined us in-studio to discuss the movies of Pixar! As a young father, he offered his unique perspective on the movies and fatherhood in general. Also in the episode, I teased a new book-centric website launching soon under the Obsessive banner!

In potpourri, Mike registered his disgust with the characters in The Bling Ring. I shared my disappointment in Lone Survivor. Tiny talked about John Oliver’s departure from The Daily Show. Finally, Rob expressed his excitement for Star Wars Episode VII.


  • Toy Story3:46
  • A Bug’s Life13:50
  • Toy Story 218:11
  • Monsters Inc. 22:26
  • Finding Nemo 30:33
  • The Incredibles43:10
  • Cars49:06
  • Ratatouille 56:16
  • WALL*E59:28
  • Up1:07:38
  • Toy Story 31:12:54
  • Cars 2 1:16:36
  • Brave 1:21:08
  • Monsters University 1:26:17
  • Digital Shorts & Future Pixar Projects 1:31:00
  • OV Potpourri1:33:44 (Lone Survivor, The Bling Ring, Star Wars Episode VII & John Oliver exiting The Daily Show)

Show Notes/Links

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