OV69 – Guest TV Spots, Robin Williams Movies, TMNT and More Sound Issues

This week, we discuss TV Guest Spots. We start off running the gamut of some of Friends’ most memorable guest stars and from there we keep pretty close to the sitcom genre for the most part.

For Potpourri, we talk about some of Robin Williams’ performances we’ve revisited over the last week. We discuss TMNT and differ on Nebraska.

We had sound issues again this week! I apologize and hope it isn’t too distracting.

Runtime: 1:44:45 

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV69-TVGuests.mp3


  • Matt and his Girlfriend’s Play – 1:45
  • Introducing the Topic – 8:20
  • Guest Spots vs. Guest Stars vs. Cameos vs. Recurring Roles – 10:36
  • Friends: Brad Pitt11:53
  • Friends: Bruce Willis15:04
  • Friends: Alec Baldwin18:00
  • Friends: Ben Stiller21:58
  • Friends: Danny DeVito24:54
  • Slasher Movie Tangent – 26:40
  • Friends: Freddie Prinze Jr.28:52
  • Jeff Goldblum on Portlandia 33:34
  • Jeff Goldblum on The League34:29
  • Jeff Goldblum on Friends36:45
  • 24: Lou Diamond Phillips38:46
  • Boy Meets World: Fred Savage43:27
  • Scrubs: Michael J. Fox45:53
  • Scrubs: Sean Hayes47:33
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Michael J. Fox49:14
  • Scrubs: Brendan Fraser51:01
  • Studio 60: Eli Wallach53:37
  • HIMYM: James Van Der Beek56:11
  • HIMYM: Britney Spears1:02:44
  • Parks and Recreation: Will Arnett1:05:40
  • Community: Luis Guzman 1:07:55
  • Community: Michael K. Williams1:10:44
  • Arrested Development: Martin Short1:13:00
  • The West Wing: John Goodman1:18:19

OV Potpourri 1:20:54

  • Matt on Mrs. Doubtfire, Jumanji and Patch Adams1:21:40
  • Matt on the Cheers pilot – 1:22:56
  • Mike on Mrs. Doubtfire & Good Will Hunting1:23:58
  • Mike on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles1:24:54
  • Tiny on Nebraska1:32:10

Show Notes

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