OV92 – Football Movies, Parenthood, Orange is the New Black, and Black Mirror

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl, we discuss some of our favorite football movies. Listen as I (Matt) try to understand professional sports fandom while Mike and Tiny bond over their love of the game. For Potpourri, Mike talks about the end of Parenthood, Tiny shares his thoughts on Orange is the New Black and I share my love for Black Mirror.

Find back episodes of the podcast at http://ovpodcast.com and let us know what you think of the movie by tweeting us:@ObsessiveViewer@ObsessiveTiny@IAmMikeWhite.

Runtime: 1:23:46

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV92-FootballMovies.mp3

Stream it here: http://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/id/3329561


  • Show Start – 0:40
  • Football Anecdotes – 1:48
  • Little Giants – 6:50
  • Varsity Blues – 11:46
  • Friday Night Lights – 17:36
  • Rudy – 27:40
  • The Program – 35:04
  • The Blind Side – 37:54
  • Remember the Titans – 42:41
  • The Longest Yard – 49:30
  • Invincible – 51:25
  • Any Given Sunday – 55:04
  • Other Football Movies – 59:02
  • OV Potpourri – 1:04:13 
  • Parenthood (Mike) – 1:04:33
  • Orange is the New Black (Tiny) – 1:08:46
  • Black Mirror (Matt) – 1:11:49
  • Ridley Scott’s adapting Andy Weir’s The Martian – 1:17:22

Show Notes

  • Cinema Rolls Podcast – Check out the episode of Cinema Rolls I was on. They’re great guys and their show is awesome. On the episode, we covered our most anticipated movies of 2015.
  • Explosions in the Sky – Here’s a link to Explosions in the Sky’s music on Amazon. They are awesome and their music in Friday “Night-lights” really elevated the emotion of the movie for me.
  • Bad Lip Reading: NFL 2015Check out the latest Bad Lip Reading featuring the NFL. It’s hilarious.
  • Summer of Sandler – Last summer we suffered through Adam Sandler’s career and discussed all of his movies. Check out our multi-episode “Summer of Sandler” retrospective.

Let us know what you think!

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