OV124 – Comedy Sequels, Ballers, Ask Me Anything, and Foxcatcher (Guest: Robert Fekkes)

Our friend and frequent guest Robert Fekkes joins Tiny and I for a discussion about comedy sequels. We cover Dumb and Dumber To, Meet the Fockers, Next Friday, Horrible Bosses 2 and more. For potpourri, we talk about HBO’s Ballers, Foxcatcher, and Ask Me Anything.

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Runtime: 1:41:12

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV124-ComedySequels.mp3


  • Show Start – 0:31
  • Comedy Sequels – 1:32
  • Shared Comedy Universes – 6:40
  • Dumb and Dumber To (Matt) – 11:18
  • Ted 2 (Fekkes) – 19:09
  • This is 40 (Tiny) – 26:48
  • Horrible Bosses 2 (Matt) – 34:54
  • Anchorman 2 (Fekkes) – 42:50
  • Meet the Fockers (Tiny) – 52:05
  • American Pie 2 (Matt) – 56:40
  • Major League 2 (Fekkes) – 1:06:03
  • Next Friday (Tiny) – 1:11:56

Potpourri/Shocktober in Irvington Promo1:19:11

  • Fekkes on Ballers1:20:05
  • Tiny on Foxcatcher1:24:58
  • Matt on Ask Me Anything1:32:08
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:38:27

Show Notes

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