OV136 – HeartlandFF 2015: Part I – Best of the Fest with Filmmakers Patricia Riggen, Dave Manougian, Heather Jack, and Eshom and Ian Nelms

In part 1 of our Heartland Film Fest episode, Tiny and I recount our experiences at the festival. I also go into detail about the best films I saw out of the 21 features and 23 shorts I watched during Heartland’s 10-day run. This episode also includes interviews with filmmakers Patricia Riggen (The 33), David Manougian (The Big Lonely), Heather Jack (Let’s Not Panic), and Ian & Eshom Nelms (Waffle Street).

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV136-HFF2015-1.mp3


Interview: Director Patricia Riggen (The 33) – 00:00

  • Show Start – 01:03
  • About Heartland Film Festival01:55
  • Matt’s Stats for HeartlandFF08:39

Interview: Director David Manougian (The Big Lonely) – 15:30

Interview: Writer/Director Heather Jack (Let’s Not Panic) – 38:12

Best Short Films of HeartlandFF

Interview: Writers/Directors Eshom & Ian Nelms (Waffle Street)51:14

Best Feature Films of HeartlandFF

  • To Be Continued…1:07:50
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:09:58

Show Notes

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