OV137 – HeartlandFF 2015: Part II – Rest of the Fest with James Sadwith, Alex Wolff, Stefania Owen, Kurt Nettleton, Michael Klein, Michael Covino and more!

In part 2 of our Heartland Film Fest episode, Tiny asks me about the rest of the movies I watched at the festival. This episode also includes interviews with Kurt Nettleton (Your Catfish Friend), Michael Klein (Romeo is Bleeding), Michael Covino (Keep in Touch), and Luis Javier M. Henaine (Happy Times). There are also red carpet interviews with James Sadwith, Sara Elizabeth Timmins, Stefania Owen, and Alex Wolff from Coming Through the Rye.

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV137-HFF2015-2.mp3


  • Intro to Part 2 – 00:00
  • Show Start – 01:48

Interview with Kurt Nettleton (Your Catfish Friend) – 02:32

Documentary Shorts 12:42

Interview with Michael Klein (Romeo is Bleeding) – 17:52

Documentary Features 21:28

Interview with Michael Covino (Keep in Touch) – 26:28

Narrative Shorts 31:42

Interview with Luis Javier M. Henaine (Happy Times) – 39:07

Narrative Features 45:08

  • Closing Night Film: Coming Through the Rye1:02:02
  • Closing Night Red Carpet Interviews – 1:07:36
  • Movies We Missed – 1:19:18
  • Stinger: Matt’s Notebook – 1:26:17
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:28:05

Show Notes

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