OV152 – The Revenant (2015) Review – The Station Agent, Dirty Grandpa, Focus, Tiny on The Jinx, and RiffTrax Live: The Room

This week, Tiny and I review the Oscar nominated The Revenant. Before that, however, we talk about a couple news items from the week including Josh Boone’s The Stand being shelved and Elizabeth Banks being cast in Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. For our Potpourri section, we discuss The Station Agent, Dirty Grandpa, Focus, The Jinx, and my experience seeing the RiffTrax Live version of The Room.

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Runtime: 1:40:43

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV152-TheRevenant.mp3


  • Show Start – 00:17
  • Introducing Our News Segment – 01:15

(The Answers short film, Rye Manhattan short film, Elizabeth Banks in Power Rangers, The Stand shelved, Corey Hawkins in 24: Legacy)

  • The Revenant Review (Non-Spoiler) – 11:13
  • The Revenant (SPOILERS) – 35:36

OV Potpourri57:17

  • Matt: The Station Agent (2003)57:54
  • Tiny: Focus (2015)1:05:32
  • Matt: Dirty Grandpa (2016)1:09:26
  • Tiny: The Jinx miniseries – 1:21:43
  • Matt: RiffTrax Live: The Room1:27:15
  • Next Episode’s Topic/Potpourri – 1:33:34
  • Stinger: Don’t See Dirty Grandpa1:38:49
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:38:55

Show Notes

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