The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 191 – HeartlandFF 2016 – Trivia Night, When War Comes Home, High School 9-1-1, USS Indianapolis, Set Adrift, Dramatic Escape, Girl Flu, Reengineering Sam, and more



This week, we’re covering Heartland Film Festival 2016! With interviews from the filmmakers of Trivia Night, Matsanjeni (The Bones) – A Thirst Project VR Film, and When War Comes Home! We dive deep into the movies we saw, broken up into segments covering Shorts, Narratives, and Documentaries. Check it out and congratulations to Heartland Film on 25 years of bringing great films to Indianapolis.

Runtime: 2:06:22

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  • This Week’s Sponsor (Westworld FM) – 00:00
  • Show Start – 00:56

Heartland Film Festival – 01:47

Shorts: Tiny

Shorts: Matt

Interview: Thirst Project VR Film 31:44

Narratives: Tiny

Narratives: Matt

Interview: Trivia Night 1:01:05

Documentaries: Tiny

Documentaries: Matt

Interview: When War Comes Home 1:47:43

  • Closing Thoughts on Heartland 20162:00:34
  • Next Week: Fictional Presidents/Apocalypse2:02:02
  • Stinger: Donate – 2:03:36
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 2:04:37

Show Notes

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