The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 214 – Indy PopCon 2017 – MovieBuff Card Game with Creator Justin Purvis



OV214 – Indy PopCon 2017 – MovieBuff Card Game with Creator Justin Purvis

Recorded Live at Indy PopCon 2017 – This year at Indy PopCon, Tiny and I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Justin Purvis, the creator of a highly addictive and fun card game based around movie knowledge aptly named MovieBuff! We had a blast playing the game and talking with Justin and really hope you enjoy the episode. For more info on MovieBuff, check out and follow them on Facebook.

Runtime: 57:35

Direct Download Link


  • Show Start – 00:22
  • Post-PopCon Fatigue – 02:00
  • Shocktober in Irvington Tickets – 06:13

Podcast Stage: Justin Purvis of “MovieBuff”08:30

  • About MovieBuff & Golden Bell Games09:34
  • How to Play MovieBuff18:35
  • Where to Find MovieBuff25:58
  • Playing MovieBuff26:42
  • What’s to Come with MovieBuff43:11
  • Where to Find MovieBuff51:13

  • Closing the Ep – 53:35
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 54:58

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