OV259 – Movie Theater Potpourri – Widows, Overlord, A Star is Born, First Man, Detective Pikachu trailer, Dear David movie, and Help Name Our New TV Swap Segment (Featuring Kyrsten Lyster)

This week, Kyrsten and I discuss the movies we’ve watched recently in the theater. Movies we discuss include Widows, Overlord, A Star is Born, and First Man. We also began our TV show swap project tentatively titled “Matt Introduces Kyrsten to the Best TV Show and Kyrsten Shows Matt a TV Show.” In this week’s segment, we watch and discuss Flashpoint (S01E01 – Scorpio) and Lost (S01E01 – Pilot Part 1).

Runtime: 2:38:13

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  • Show Start – 00:33
  • Pizza hates Kyrsten – 02:10
  • Housekeeping/Letterboxd – 03:58
  • Letterboxd Stats – 09:50
  • News (Detective Pikachu trailer) – 12:36
  • News (Dear David rights bought) – 16:39

Movie Theater Potpourri27:09

  • Widows27:31
  • Overlord48:28
  • A Star is Born1:04:43
  • First Man1:22:55

TV Show Swap Project – 1:40:24

  • Flashpoint (S01E01) – 1:42:06
  • LOST (S01E01) – 1:50:11

  • Closing the Ep – 1:58:35

Spoiler Discussions

  • Widows2:01:56
  • Overlord2:19:07

  • Stinger: Kyrsten’s Actoring – 2:34:43
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 2:35:38

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