OV277 – “Winterfell” & “A Night of the Seven Kingdoms” (Game of Thrones S08E01-02) Spoiler Reviews

Tiny and I are back and all we’re doing in this episode is talking the first two episodes of the final season of Game of Thrones. In this episode, we share our spoiler-filled thoughts on episodes 1 and 2: “Winterfell” and “A Night of the Seven Kingdoms” respectively. We also rundown 5 characters each of us think will die in The Battle of Winterfell!

This week’s stinger comes from our Patreon-exclusive recording: 026 – OV B-Roll – “And That Grass Was Fucking Brown” – Tiny’s Trip to Florida, CBS All-Access Problems, Internet Service Provider Problems – Apr 25, 2019

Runtime: 1:21:49

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  • Show Start – 00:28

Game of Thrones

  • Anticipations for Season 8 – 02:56
  • Episode 1: “Winterfell”11:11
  • Episode 2: “A Night of the Seven Kingdoms”30:17
  • All Men Must Die (Our Lists) – 1:00:22
  • Bonus Conjecture: Endgame Predictions – 1:15:10
  • Closing the Ep – 1:17:18
  • Patreon Stinger: “And that grass was fucking brown” – 1:18:32
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:18:59

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