OV288 – Quentin Tarantino Retrospective: Chapter Two – Kill Bill Vol 1, Kill Bill Vol 2, and Death Proof (Featuring: Robert Fekkes)

Recorded July 3, 2019: In preparation for Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, Fekkes and I are embarking upon a 3-part Quentin Tarantino retrospective leading up to the new film’s release. In this installment, Fekkes and I share our thoughts on Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003), Kill Bill Vol 2 (2004), and Death Proof (2007).

This week’s stinger comes from our Patreon-exclusive recording: 038 – OV B-Roll – “Fantasy Movie and TV Projects” – Fekkes’ Travel Bucket List, Lady Gaga Concert, and The Walking Dead Comics – July 3, 2019

Runtime: 1:27:35


  • Show Start – 00:35
  • Once Upon A Time…03:20

Quentin Tarantino: Chapter Two – 04:43

  • Kill Bill Vol 1 (2003)05:13
  • Kill Bill Vol 2 (2004)23:23
  • Death Proof (2007)55:27
  • Closing the Ep – 1:17:08
  • Stinger: “Fantasy Movie and TV Projects” – 1:23:44
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:24:45

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