OV302 – Knives Out – HIFF2019 Final Red Carpet Recordings: Greener Grass, Samir, House of Champions, International Falls, Last Year at the Crossing, The Garden Left Behind, and Moonlight Sonata (Featuring: Kyrsten Lyster)

Happy Thanksgiving (to those of you in the US)! In this special double parking lot special episode, Kyrsten and I have a laid-back non-spoiler review of Knives Out and then Tiny and I go into a spoiler review of the film! Then, to close out the episode, we have the remaining Red Carpet recordings from last month’s Heartland International Film Festival!

This week’s stinger comes from our Patreon-exclusive recording: 054 – OV B-Roll – “What is Pepperoni?!” – Family Guy, Movies We’re Excited About, Tiny’s Work Trip to Louisville – November 13, 2019

Runtime: 1:44:10


  • Show Start – 00:41
  • Catching Up – 03:15

Knives Out05:03

  • Non-Spoiler (with Kyrsten) – 06:41
  • Interlude – 29:13
  • Spoiler (with Tiny) – 30:51
  • Bonus Questions – 56:07

HIFF2019 Red Carpet1:04:05

  • Greener Grass1:05:10
  • House of Champions1:07:31
  • Samir1:11:36
  • The Garden Left Behind1:15:18
  • Samir1:18:26
  • Dennis Christopher Interview – 1:23:40
  • International Falls1:27:32
  • Moonlight Sonata1:32:07
  • Last Year at the Crossing1:34:32

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