OV369 – Men (2022) & Our Father (2022) – Avatar: The Way of Water trailer, Ozark, and Better Call Saul The Obsessive Viewer – Weekly Movie/TV Review & Discussion Podcast

In this episode, Tiny, Ben, and I discuss the trailer for Avatar: The Way of Water and review the latest Alex Garland film, Men. We also discuss the new Netflix documentary, Our Father.

Runtime: 1:27:51


  • Show Start – 00:40
  • David Cronenberg and Other Topics – 03:18
  • Avatar: The Way of Water trailer – 14:13

Men – 29:14

  • Non-Spoiler – 30:28
  • Spoiler – 49:55

Our Father1:05:24

  • Closing the Ep – 1:24:41

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