OV387 – IFJA Ten Best Films of 2022 – Guest: Sam Watermeier (Midwest Film Journal) The Obsessive Viewer – Weekly Movie/TV Review & Discussion Podcast

In this episode, I welcome my friend Sam Watermeier back to the show to help me close out the year with a breakdown of the Indiana Film Journalists Association top films of 2022. We also go over Sam’s personal top ten list.

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Mic Info

  • Matt: ElectroVoice RE20 – RØDEcaster Pro II (Firmware: 1.0.9 BETA) – Processing: High Pass Filter, DeEsser, Compressor, and Master Compellor enabled
  • Sam: Samson Q2U via Google Meet


  • Show Start – 00:28

  • Introducing the Guest 01:39
  • Sam’s Favorites of 2022 – 16:29
  • Sam’s Top Movie of 2022: The Whale – 28:55

  • The IFJA Top Ten – 40:48

  • Runner-Up: RRR – 1:53:57
  • Winner: Everything Everywhere All At Once – 1:58:09

  • 2023 Movies We’re Looking Forward to – 2:05:32
  • Closing the Ep – 2:12:52

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