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“42” Review – Hollywood’s Capable But Unfocused Look at Baseball History



I would love to call baseball my favorite sport, if I were a sports enthusiast. Being that I’m an obsessive viewer of movies and TV, though, I don’t have the time to become a sports fan. It’s all well and good because I can live vicariously through one of my favorite genres of movies: the sports movie. Now that Spring has finally sprung (well, in theory; it’s snowing right now), I’ve made my yearly pledge that I’ll go to an Indianapolis Indians game, I decided to watch 42.

42 depicts the historical rookie season of Jackie Robinson, who became the first African American major league baseball player in 1947. Chadwick Boseman plays the famed baseball player while Harrison Ford tackles the supporting role of Dodgers manager Branch Rickey, the man who gave Robinson his start in the MLB. Continue reading

Adaptations & Remakes: Ender’s Game [Obsessive Friends: Mike]


Source Material: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card


Set in Earth’s future, young Ender Wiggin is trained and groomed to become the leader of Earth’s military attack against the alien “Buggers.” Ender is put through a series of tests that include several intense battles in zero gravity rooms. Ender’s final test is to display his tactical genius in a simulation against the Buggers, but is it really just a game? Writer’s note: Ender’s Game has been published in several different editions with more covers than I can count. The picture above is the version of the cover of the Ender’s Game book that I read. Continue reading