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TV Review: Doctor Who – 706 – “The Bells of Saint John”

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Doctor Who made its triumphant returned last night with the first episode of the second half of season 7. In “The Bells of Saint John,” the Doctor and new companion Clara faced a mysterious group abducting people using the internet. It was a good episode. Better than a lot of last year’s offerings even. But there’s something more important to discuss…(Warning: This post gets a little SPOILy-woily…) Continue reading

Streaming Saturday: Doctor Who (2005-present)


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In honor of the premiere of the last batch of season 7 tonight, my Streaming Saturday recommendation this week is Doctor Who. The show is, in a word, fun. If you’re a fan of any form of science fiction, there stands a good chance that Doctor Who has covered it in fantastic fashion. It’s got time travel, aliens, space travel, monsters all mixed in a broth of comedy, drama and horror.
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