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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 68 – Summer of Sandler Part III – 2005-2009 with Mike’s Brother!




OV68 – Summer of Sandler Part III – 2005-2009 with Mike’s Brother!

It’s Part 3 of our Summer of Sandler series! Unfortunately, this episode is marred with technical difficulties. About 8 minutes into the episode, there’s a chopping sound that persists throughout the episode. We apologize and hope it’s not too distracting.

On the bright side, we were joined by Mike’s brother Kevin for this episode! It was a delight to have him in the studio with us and look forward to bringing him back at some point in the future.

Runtime: 1:40:50

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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 39 – TV and Tangents with Tank, OV Archives

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Here’s the latest episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! I’m fighting either the flu of food poisoning to get this to you guys. Mike and Tiny couldn’t record this week, so I had a nice solo chat with Tank, the cohost of one of my favorite movie podcasts, about TV and the entertainment industry.

Then I grabbed some never-before-released clips from the OV Archives to

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The Month in Movies: September 2013

I am really late with this but, alas, here is my breakdown of the movies I watched in September.

I had 11 viewings last month and was fully prepared to go on the defensive. I was going to talk about how the TV season really destroyed my chance of watching many movies, not to mention the additional time I put into getting the podcast out every week.

Then I looked through my records and, as it turns out, September 2013 was my best September on record. It’s not saying much considering it’s only 11 viewings. But I’m pleased. Read on for my analysis of the month. Continue reading