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MCU Review: Part 13 – The Defenders – Marvel’s Daredevil – Season 1

In what could be the biggest review series in the history of Obsessive Viewer, I’m committing myself to reviewing all the movies and shows in Marvel Studios’ Cinematic Universe. You can find an index of my MCU reviews here and check out The Obsessive Viewer Podcast here. Now, here’s my review of season 1 of Marvel’s Daredevil. Daredevil is the first of four Netflix-exclusive Marvel series […]

Boardwalk Empire 2

Boardwalk Empire Season 1 in Review

The final season of the criminally underrated HBO original series Boardwalk Empire is set to premiere on September 7th. In preparation for the show’s final hurrah, I’ve taken it upon myself to binge rewatch the entire series on blu-ray. This is my first of four season reviews before I tackle episode reviews for the series’ swan song. You can find […]