Air Date: Thursday, January 2, 2014

Yesterday NBC released a trailer for Season 5 of Community

It’s no secret that Community has had its fair share of struggles and controversy in the past. It’s never had impressive ratings (or average ratings for that matter,) there have been issues with cast members (notably Chevy Chase,) it lost its showrunner and creator at the end of the third season, and all of these issues culminated in a disappointing season 4. In fact, disappointing doesn’t really describe it well enough. So one can’t really be blamed for looking forward to Season five of Community with more than a bit of apprehension.

I’ll tell ya what though, the new trailer really calms some of those fears. Season 5, which starts January 2nd, is taking a “Scrubs season 9” approach; ” a revamp, a do-over,” or so says Abed, but I trust him. I love the idea that Community is embracing the very real fact that this season must be different than Season 4 to keep the show relevant. So far, I think it will be, and the return of Dan Harmon at the helm is certainly promising. Here’s hoping for #sixseasonsandamovie.

The trailer starts with the funny quickly. The cheesy lawyer commercial, and the Jeff-down-on-his-luck premise is chuckle-worthy and believable, but I love the joke about the him still having “one thing deep down inside that gives him power,” and then having the mover take his glass away. Jeff’s reaction, even in a short clip seems somehow…classic. Call me crazy, but that already feels better than Season 4.


The most notable change to the show’s format will be the fact that Jeff is back at Greendale to be a teacher. It seems like a reasonable excuse to keep the story going. It’s almost a call back to the first season where Jeff was clearly the focal point of the show, and I’m looking forward to it. He’ll have to make up for what will certainly be a great hole left by the departure of Donald Glover‘s Troy.

Yeah, you read that right. Or maybe you already knew, but Donald Glover is leaving Community after the first five episodes of the season. After the first season, the Troy and Abed bromance (do people still use that word?) became the focal point of the show.  It’s a little unnerving to think about how the show will go on without Troy, but at least we can hope he’ll get a more ceremonious farewell than Chevy Chase’s guest appearances and stand-in shots from season 4.

I like the trailer, it’s a quick 60 seconds, but it gave fans a little bit of everything. There’s a Scrubs reference, an appearance by Leonard, Dean Pelton being extra Dean-y, and it even ends on a Troy and Abed scheme, one that Troy thinks is “going to be hilarious.” I hope he means the season, too.


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– Matt (@ObsessiveViewer)

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