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“It’s not beginning the story that I fear. It’s not knowing how it will end. Everyone is fair game now. Including me.”

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Chapter 23

Warning: Spoilers herein

gavinFirst and foremost, I’m happy to see Gavin back in the mix this episode. Even if he looks a little on the Bond villain side of things. What I love about this character is that he’s the opposite of Lucas. Lucas was an easy target and doomed to fail from the beginning. Gavin is a wildcard with an advanced skill set and a vendetta. With only 3 episodes left, I wonder where this is headed.

Secondly, I don’t like seeing Rachel having such an effect on Doug. It’s interfering with his job performance and that could cause Seth (who, still, I don’t trust) to usurp him. More importantly, it could interfere with his sobriety. The show has been hinting at a relapse all season. I can feel it coming up soon.

Claire_UnderwoodThis chapter was directed by Robin Wright. I thought that was an interesting piece of trivia. Her character, Claire, had a big episode as the blowback from the abortion news hit scary levels. The bomb threat brought home how high profile the news surrounding the abortion and rape are in the media.

I spent this episode still hoping that something of interest would develop when it comes to Remy and Jackie’s relationship. Chapter 23 really amped up the drama with this subplot. Jackie sabotaged Claire’s bill and all it took was a little digging on Seth’s part to uncover the relationship.

In the scene with Frank and Jackie, I wondered if her relationship with Remy would make her weak. By the end of the episode, however, I wondered the same about Remy. Remy closed the episode with a moral dilemma. Tusk tasked him with taking down Jackie. I wonder if he’ll jump ship. I don’t know that Frank would let him in unless he brought something to the table that could end Tusk for good.

628x471When Frank launched his attack at Tusk and Tusk’s money, I was surprised to see it blowback on the President so much. I’m sure this was part of Frank’s plan. I feel like this episode gave us a glimpse at Frank’s bigger picture. It also left the endgame more to chance than what he’s comfortable with.

Circling back to Doug and Rachel. This can’t end well and it makes me nervous. Doug is displaying more creepy characteristics. I can’t really understand what his deal is. I know that he wants Rachel, but having her read to him is a strange development.

The dialogue about his mom reading to him as a kid was really telling of his character. Doug is complex and the difficulties of his job is making him more dependent on his emotional connection to Rachel. Doug’s preoccupation with her is going to come back to bite him though, now that Gavin is tracking him.

Only three episodes left!


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