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Finale Review: House of Cards – Season 2, Episode 13 – “Chapter 26”

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“I think I’ve proven I’m not your typical Vice President.”

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Chapter 26

Well, here we are. We’ve reached the end of season 2 of House of Cards and the end of my episode-by-episode reviews. I hope you enjoyed going through this season of the show with me. It’s been fun (and a bit tedious at times, to be honest) to bring you reviews of every episode. But I did it for you and for the sake of the “country” of Netflix users. One nation, Underwood.

Spoilers Ahead!

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TV Review: House of Cards – Season 2, Episode 10 – “Chapter 23”


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“It’s not beginning the story that I fear. It’s not knowing how it will end. Everyone is fair game now. Including me.”

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Chapter 23

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TV Review: House of Cards – Season 2, Episode 7 – “Chapter 20”


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“Dismiss me or keep swinging, Mr. President.”

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Chapter 20

In this episode of House of Cards, Frank discovers who’s providing money to the Republicans for a scathing midterm election smear campaign. Meanwhile, Doug takes a trip to China and the Underwoods switch communications directors. Continue reading

TV Review: House of Cards – Season 2 – Episode 2 – “Chapter 15”


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“One heartbeat away from the Presidency and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated.”

Chapter 15

I’m back with my second review of House of Cards season 2. In the second episode of the Netflix series’ sophomore season, Frank dips his feet in the presidential arena of power plays and deceit as he’s officially sworn in as VP. Meanwhile, Claire deals with something from her past resurfacing and Lucas (Sebastian Arcelus) looks into the truth on his own.  Continue reading

TV Review – House of Cards – Season 1

Disclaimer: I clearly mark which sections contain spoilers but, just for peace of mind, Chapter 3 contains massive spoilers for season 1 of House of Cards. Chapter 4 includes some vague character spoilers but nothing too severe. The rest is spoiler-free. Enjoy.

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It seems like every other piece I write for this blog includes something about the plunge Netflix has taken into original programming. It’s something that really fascinates me. I believe we are standing at the precipice of a revolution in the television industry and Netflix is preparing to give us a much needed nudge.

The reason I started this blog was to voice my excitement for Netflix as an original content provider. I made bold statements that were fueled by an intense interest and high hopes. But I had no idea if Netflix’s content was going to be up to snuff. I had my ideas but, ultimately, they were worthless without premium content deserving of my $7.99 every month.

I finally burned through Netflix’s highly acclaimed and extremely hyped flagship series House of Cards over the course of a handful of days. This happened a couple weeks ago. Now that I’ve finally found the time to stop obsessing over what I watched, I can share it with you. Continue reading