OV54 – Nostalgia TV, Comedy Bang Bang and Halloween 3 News

This week the guys dig deep to share their most nostalgic television titles. Matt awkwardly shares his affection for the CHiPs theme music, while Mike and Tiny share their love of All That and Goosebumps, respectively.

For Potpourri, Mike breaks the good news that Halloween 3 is in the works. Tiny implores Matt to indulge his love of rom-coms and watch I Give it a Year. Matt gives high praise to Scott Aukerman and Comedy Bang Bang (both the show and the podcast).

Runtime: 1:23:39

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV54-NostalgiaTV.mp3



  • Matt is Tone Deaf – 0:37
  • The Fault in Our Stars – 1:27
  • Nostalgia TV – 4:50
  • Mike on “Goosebumps: The Series” – 6:52
  • Tiny on “Animaniacs” – 19:08
  • Matt on “True Blue” – 24:35
  • Mike on “Pokemon” – 30:11
  • Tiny on “All That” – 36:11
  • Matt on “CHiPs” – 43:34
  • Mike on “Even Stevens” – 49:13
  • Tiny on “The X-Files” – 52:16
  • Matt on “Project Greenlight” – 1:00:45

OV Potpourri – 1:08:00

  • Tiny on “I Give it a Year” – 1:09:11
  • Mike on “Halloween 3” news – 1:11:38
  • Matt on “Comedy Bang Bang” – 1:15:16

Show Notes

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