OV64 – OV B-Roll – Lone Survivor, Star Wars, Prisoners, Bates Motel, The Zero Theorem

The guys had to take the week off from recording but Matt headed into their studio and awkwardly recorded some intros for several clips the show has accrued in its “B-Roll.”

In this collection of clips (mostly recorded in January and March of 2014), the guys discuss the propaganda in Lone Survivor. They debate the ending of Prisoners. They also discuss accents, Bates Motel, The Wolf of Wall Street, Star Wars and The Zero Theorem. Enjoy.

Runtime: 1:37:07

Direct Download Link: http://traffic.libsyn.com/obsessiveviewer/OV64-BRollEp.mp3


  • Intro – 1:05
  • Propaganda in Lone Survivor – 1:57
  • Sounds Like an Earful Podcast Promo – 4:20
  • Matt and Mike Debate the Ending of Prisoners – 5:41
  • *Prisoners Spoilers* – 7:23-15:46
  • The Nerds You’re Looking For Podcast Promo – 16:48
  • We Discuss Accents and Impressions – 17:41
  • Matt and Mike talk about Bates Motel – 22:15
  • DnDUI Podcast Promo – 27:32
  • Solo Tangent about HIMYM – 27:55
  • Matt vs. The Wolf of Wall Street – 30:27
  • Mike and Matt Discuss Star Wars – 41:09
  • Goin’ On Podcast Promo – 1:08:51
  • Matt and Tiny on The Zero Theorem and Sci-fi – 1:09:45

Show Notes

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