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In this special episode of the podcast, I (Matt) premiere my solo side-project podcast: Anthology. In this pilot episode, I introduce the concept for the podcast, its origin, and give some background on The Twilight Zone and my feelings about the show. I also review and analyze The Twilight Zone’s first two episodes: Where is Everbody? & One for the Angels.

Anthology will be added to iTunes soon. For now, like the Facebook Page and visit the homepage at

Tweet me your thoughts on the podcast and The Twilight Zone itself@ObsessiveViewer. You can also reach me on Anthology’s Facebook Page, email me at Matt(at)ObsessiveViewer(dot)com, or call and leave a voicemail for the show: (317) 762-6099.

Runtime: 1:00:20

Direct Download Link:

Stream it here:


  • Matt Custom Intro – 0:00
  • Introduction – 4:23
  • Where Is Everybody? – 18:05
  • Obsessive Viewer Promo – 38:57
  • One For the Angels – 40:00
  • Outro – 57:25

Show Notes

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