OV309 – Extended Potpourri – Coronavirus/COVID-19, Devs, Dave, Kan Kan Cinema, The Warrant, The Way Back, The Outsider, Mythic Quest, McMillions (Guest: Ben Sears)

This week, frequent guest and OV contributor Ben Sears joins Tiny and me to discuss several topics in an Extended Potpourri episode. Topics include: Devs, Dave, The Outsider, McMillions, The Way Back, Mythic Quest, The Warrant, Fail Safe, and more.

This week’s stinger comes from our Patreon-exclusive recording: 060 – OV B-Roll – “How to Wash Your Hands” – Second Run Theaters, The Simpsons, Replacing Actors, and Upcoming Movies – March 11, 2020

Runtime: 1:29:15


  • Show Start – 00:33
  • Ben – Introduction – 02:19
  • Coronavirus – 07:10
  • Kan Kan Cinema and Brasserie – 13:10

Extended Potpourri19:26

  • Ben: Devs (FX on Hulu) – 20:15
  • Matt: Dave (FXX on Hulu) – 28:10
  • Tiny: Ozark (Netflix) & The Outsider (HBO) – 34:10
  • Ben: McMillions (HBO) – 41:54
  • Matt: The Way Back (2020)48:03
  • Tiny: Fixer Upper & Good Bones55:53
  • Ben: Mythic Quest (Apple TV+) – 1:01:20
  • Matt: The Warrant (2020) 1:08:04
  • Matt: Fail Safe (1964) & Criterion – 1:10:06
  • Matt: High and Low (1963)1:19:20

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