OV315 – cOVid-19 Film Festival Day 39 (cOVid Potpourri) – Middleditch & Schwartz, Mike Birbiglia’s The New One, John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch, Community, and Richard Jewell

In the midst of a global pandemic and stay at home orders all over the country, I am coping by watching movies and podcasting about them as if they were part of a Film Festival. In this episode, Kyrsten joins me as we review 2019’s Richard Jewell and the brilliant Middleditch & Schwartz improv specials on Netflix. We then chat about a bunch of other comedy streaming selections.

Runtime: 1:34:27


  • Show Start – 00:58
  • Catching Up – 06:14

cOVid-19 Film Festival15:10

cOVid Potpourri

  • Richard Jewell (2019)16:36
  • Middleditch & Schwartz33:05
  • I Think You Should Leave43:30
  • Mike Birbiglia’s The New One45:25
  • John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch49:06
  • Community52:44
  • Closing the Ep – 1:20:20
  • Outtakes – 1:29:20
  • Pre-Recorded Outro – 1:31:23

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