OV330 – Love and Monsters (2020) – Songbird trailer, I Think You Should Leave, Aunty Donna, The Return of LOSTPoint

In this episode, Kyrsten and I review the new monster-pocalypse Dylan O’Brien film, Love and Monsters! We also catch up on some things we’ve been watching, discuss the potential tastelessness of the upcoming COVID-themed thriller, Songbird, and finally return to our LOSTPoint series where we watch episodes of LOST and the Canadian police show Flashpoint.

This week’s stinger comes from our Patreon-exclusive recording: 099 – OV B-Roll – “Matt’s Ice Cream & Hot Chocolate Buffet and Kitty Emporium” – Trump’s Ghost Campaign, Restaurants in 2020, Hard Candy, and True Crime Podcasts – Nov 15, 2020

Runtime: 1:52:12


  • Show Start – 00:39
  • Checking in and Catching up – 02:24
  • Songbird (2020) trailer and News – 07:30
  • I Think You Should Leave/Aunty Donna – 18:30

Love and Monsters (2020) 26:15

  • Non-Spoiler27:33
  • Spoiler 44:45


  • Flashpoint (S02E03-05 – Haunting the Barn – Business as Usual)1:09:10
  • Flashpoint S02E06 – The Fortress1:16:26
  • LOST (S01E12-14 – Whatever the Case May Be – Special)1:22:04
  • LOST S02E15 – Homecoming1:32:29

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