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HIFF2015: Movie Review – dream/killer (2015)

Documentary Feature / USA Director: Andrew Jenks This review is part of my coverage of 2015’s Heartland Film Festival in Indianapolis. Click here for more of my coverage of the festival. You can find my coverage of other Indianapolis area film and TV events here. On Halloween night 2001, a sports editor for the Columbia Tribune in Columbia, Missouri was murdered. The […]

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Movie Review: Trainwreck (2015)

Written by Amy Schumer and directed by Judd Apatow, Trainwreck is a cookie cutter romantic comedy that follows every beat and convention of the genre to a tee but attempts to get away with it on the strength of its lead actress. Surprisingly, it almost succeeds in that regard and manages to provide some laughs as it takes its audience […]

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Movie Review: American Sniper (2014)

Last year I reviewed Lone Survivor and found it to be an offensively jingoistic piece of American military propaganda that disrespected most of the people who lost their lives in the real life incident the movie depicted. As such, my expectations going into American Sniper really weren’t that high. I also made a conscious effort not to research Chris Kyle […]