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The Month in Movies: Shocktober 2013


My friends and I have been dedicating the month of October to the horror genre and calling it Shocktober for several years now.  I started this blog in February and from the start I was excited about sharing my Shocktober experience with anyone and everyone.

I have been saying for a while that this year has to make up for last year’s abysmal performance. I had it in my mind that I barely watched anything last year. As it turns out, I was 27 movies last year. Not all of them were Shocktober movies, but I had been working under the assumption that I had maybe 10 or 11 viewings total last year.

It’s all for the best because this year was the second best Shocktober I’ve ever had. While I didn’t beat my record of 57 viewings in 2011, I did come close with a very respectable 52 viewings. I’m also proud to say that only 3 of those viewings weren’t Shocktober movies. Continue reading


DVD Review: All Hallows’ Eve [Obsessive Friends: Mike]



Since 2009’s Trick R Treat, horror audiences have been treated to a resurgence of anthology movies. V/H/S and it’s superior sequel were successful movies, and a breath of fresh air from the Paranormal Activity movies dominating theaters every year. The anthology format serves horror well. Where several horror movies struggle to pack 90 minutes with scares, segments in a horror anthology can back out to the frame story before tension wavers. Even a weak segment reaps the benefits of a mostly successful group of shorts. When the work is cohesive and the scares are quick and fun, anthologies thrive. Continue reading

The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 18 – What Scares Us! All Hallow’s Eve, Mom and HIMYM

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Here it is, the first episode of the Fall 2013 season of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast. I referenced last week that we had an editing crisis that resulted in a late release. This week we almost had the same thing happen! Luckily it was salvageable and led to a new ep, bright and early for your listening pleasure.

This episode is our kick off to the most wonderful time of the year. That special month where we load up on horror movies and celebrate a genre of movies that has a little something for everyone. This week we discuss the movie tropes and horror subgenres that really creep us out.

It’s a great discussion. In honor of the episode and season, we want to know what scares you! Tell us about your relationship with horror and what movies or scenes get under your skin. You could get mentioned on the podcast (along with anything you may want us to promote)!

Also, check out PodcastLand.com for a very comprehensive collection of podcasts you can listen to. While you’re there, vote for us for Podcast of the Month! It would me a lot to us. Continue reading