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The Week in TV: Sept. 8th–14th, 2013


This is the time of year when I get bogged down with all the series I follow. Some shows fall by the wayside while others get picked up if word of mouth or marketing is strong enough.  Obviously I can’t devote a post every week (like with Bates Motel or Under the Dome) to every show I watch. So here’s a new weekly series I’m going to try my best to work on as the fall TV season unfolds.

I’m already off to a semi-bad start considering this was meant to go up Sunday. But I’ll try my best in the future to post these when I intend them to be posted.

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TV Review: Under the Dome – 112 – “Exigent Circumstances”


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In this week’s penultimate episode of Under the Dome’s first season, Big Jim took full control of Chester’s Mill and exploited their fear of the Barbie he led them to believe was a threat. Elsewhere, Julia took a nap, Junior became somewhat tolerable and Joe and Norrie hid the mini Dome.


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