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I just finished watching the amazing documentary Side by Side on Netflix and deem it very worthy of a Streaming Saturday recommendation. Keanu Reeves interviews many heavy hitters of the industry to get their take on the celluloid vs. digital filmmaking debate. It’s a really fascinating look at the evolving artform of filmmaking.

There are a lot of things I loved about Side by Side. First, there’s the high number of filmmakers interviewed. Fincher, Scorsese, the Wachowskis, Boyle, Rodriguez, Cameron and many more give their thoughts on the changing landscape of their work. What makes it great is the level of care that the interviewees speak about their craft. It’s clear that whether they prefer film or digital, these people truly love what they do and love talking about what they do.

The documentary doesn’t take a side on the debate. Arguments for and against both sides are presented equally and fairly with no agenda other than presenting the information and the viewpoints. The end result is a truly engaging documentary that any film lover will enjoy.

You can stream Side by Side on Netflix. Or buy the DVD on Amazon.

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