Happy June, everyone. Here’s a quick Streaming Saturday recommendation. Super 8 is J.J. Abrams‘ ode to young love and creative passion against the backdrop of a small town’s skirmish with a mysterious monster.

Abrams gets a bit a bad rap. Whether it’s his love affair with lens flares, his involvement with Lost or preemptively blaming him for further tarnishing the Star Wars brand, people have an opinion of Abrams. For the record, you can hate Lost all you want but know that Abrams only helped develop the major plot points of the first season and directed the Pilot.

With Super 8, Abrams blends young love, a passion for filmmaking and mystery into a surprisingly moving summer sci-fi/thriller blockbuster. The effects, the production value, the music and the acting are all a beauty to behold. The movie has flashes of early Spielberg (who serves as producer) and is a great who’s who of talented young actors.

If you haven’t seen Super 8 yet or felt disappointed by it when you did see it, I highly recommend seeing it (or rewatching it). It’s a great way to kick off your summer!

You can stream it on Netflix here.


Buy Super 8 on Amazon.


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