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The latest episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast is officially posted. It’s a great episode despite yours truly talking through a cold. We talk about cancelled TV shows and spin offs. It was a good conversation.

You’ll notice that we changed around the music a little bit. We’re in the process of getting better intro and outro music. If you’re a musician and you’re interested in throwing something together for us, let us know and we’ll give you the proper credit and everything. You can also share your memorable movie theater experiences with us.

Enjoy this week’s podcast and, if you feel like it, write us a review on iTunes.

Episode 10 – Cancelled Series, Spin Offs and Coffee Town 

(To download directly: Right Click the Above Link –> Save Link As to Download)

Matt, Tiny and Mike celebrate some of their favorite cancelled TV series and discuss the depreciating value of spin offs in modern television. Later, Matt shares his love for College Humor’s Coffee Town, Tiny tells of his excitement for George Clooney’s The Monuments Men and Mike shares his anticipation for the Steve Jobs biopic, Jobs. We’ve also got new intro music! So give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Enjoy. Feedback is very welcome and highly encouraged. You can reach me and Tiny on Twitter @ObsessiveViewer and @ObsessiveTiny. Mike can be found @IAmMikeWhite. You can also find us on Facebook at The Obsessive Viewer. Contact us in the comments here or send us your comments, questions, concerns or grievances using the form below.


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