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Here’s the premiere of our third season of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! We took some time off for the holidays and now we’re back with a look back at the best and worst movies we saw in 2013. Check the show notes for timestamps and a whole year’s worth of Obsessive Viewer blog articles.

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1/10 – Episode 34 – 2013 Year in Review, Top Movies and Viewing Stats

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Matt, Tiny and Mike return from a short hiatus to kick off Season 3 of the show with a look back at the best and worst movies of 2013. Fruitvale Station, 12 Years a Slave and Out of the Furnace are just a few of the movies discussed heavily in this potpourri-less episode of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast.


  • Skip Intro: 2:20
  • Tiny’s Stats: 9:13
  • Mike’s Stats: 18:17
  • Matt’s Stats: 24:00
  • Mike’s Worst Movies of 2013: 28:10
  • Tiny’s Worst Movies of 2013: 31:00
  • Matt’s Worst Movies of 2013: 36:16
  • Mike’s Best Movies of 2013: 47:25    (You’re Next, Fruitvale Station, Star Trek Into Darkness)
  • Tiny’s Best Movies of 2013: 1:00:46     (Catching Fire, Iron Man 3, Trance, 12 Years a Slave)
  • Matt’s Best Movies of 2013: 1:19:01     (Coffee Town, Out of the Furnace, The Way Way Back)

Show Notes/Links

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