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Here’s the latest ep of The Obsessive Viewer Podcast! Thankfully our equipment held together for this recording session! So we’re back to decent sound quality!

This week we discussed some of our least favorite episodes from some of our favorite shows. It was a really good discussion and there’s even a good Lost tangent in there for good measure. Hope you enjoy.

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2/6 – Episode 37 – Worst. Episodes. Ever., The Fifth Estate and Nebraska

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The guys dedicate a few minutes to memorializing Phillip Seymour Hoffman and discussing addiction and drug use in general. Then for the episode’s main topic, they pick some of the worst episodes of beloved TV shows. For potpourri, Mike experiences some trouble with Fandango before seeing The Devil’s Due. Matt talks up a personal experience watching Nebraska and Tiny praises The Fifth Estate.


  • Oscar Pool Reminder – 1:20
  • RIP Phillip Seymour Hoffman – 2:20
  • Worst Episodes Ever Intro – 8:42
  • 24 (Jack Bauer interrogates the mentally handicapped) – 9:32
  • Family Matters (Urkel creates Bruce Juice) – 16:56
  • Scrubs (J.D. is a douchebag) – 22:42
  • The Sopranos (Tony in a coma) – 27:14
  • Boy Meets World (Noir Topanga) – 32:01
  • The Office (Clip Show) – 38:06
  • The Shield (Stereotypes in child abuse) – 41:22
  • Nip/Tuck (Long lost brother) – 47:50
  • How I Met Your Mother (rain dance) – 52:23
  • Seinfeld (series finale) – 56:19
  • Lost (Jack’s mysterious tattoos) – 1:01:18
  • Tangent: Did Lost set itself up for fan outcry? – 1:04:43
  • OV Potpourri (The Fifth Estate, Nebraska and The Devil’s Due) – 1:16:48

Show Notes/Links

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