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Month: March 2020

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Movie Review: The Invisible Man (1933) – Universal Classic Monsters 4

The Invisible Man is the mind-blowing journey of a man overcome with the conflicting feelings of the power he has gained and the longing to come back to the one he loves. It’s a mad scientist motif that drives a narrative more and more toward an ending that may not be as redemptive or emotionally satisfying as one might expect. With a powerful lead performance by Claude Rains and spectacular visual effects, The Invisible Man leans into its mad scientist’s descent as it leads to a thrilling conclusion.

Matt Hurt's Columns 0

Movie Review: The Mummy (1932) – Universal Classic Monsters 3

Despite having a plot that is heavily borrowed from Dracula, The Mummy showcases Karloff’s strength and range as an actor behind it. The film also features an exotic Egyptian locale and set design that is noticeably different from the Gothic horror of Dracula or the villages of Frankenstein. More importantly, The Mummy has tense atmosphere and a sense of grandeur to its monster that keeps it from simply being a rip-off of Dracula.

cOVid-19 0

The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 311 – cOVid-19 Film Festival Days 4 & 5 (Amazon Prime Weekend) – Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Never Surrender, Thunder Road, and HBO’s Watchmen

COVID-19 is sweeping the nation. So, naturally, I am coping by watching movies and podcasting about them as if they were part of a Film Festival. Here is my coverage of day 4 & 5: Amazon Prime Weekend. For the spotlight review, Tiny calls in to talk about HBO’s Watchmen with me in a non-spoiler and spoiler section.

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The Obsessive Viewer Podcast – Ep 309 – Extended Potpourri – Coronavirus/COVID-19, Devs, Dave, Kan Kan Cinema, The Warrant, The Way Back, The Outsider, Mythic Quest, McMillions (Guest: Ben Sears)

This week, frequent guest and OV contributor Ben Sears joins Tiny and me to discuss several topics in an Extended Potpourri episode. Topics include: Devs, Dave, The Outsider, McMillions, The Way Back, Mythic Quest, The Warrant, Fail Safe, and more.