This week’s Streaming Saturday post comes a little late in the day but it’s a really good one!


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Sleepwalk With Me is comedian/writer/director/star/producer Mike Birbiglia’s first movie. It’s loosely based on Birbiglia’s life starting out as a stand up comic while examining his relationship and discovering he has a sleepwalking disorder. It’s honest, hilarious and poignant. It co-stars Lauren Ambrose as Mike’s girlfriend. It also includes several cameos from other stand-up comics.


If you’re a fan of Birbiglia’s brand of comedy, you’ll love the movie. It takes his stand-up style and runs it through a Woody Allen filter. The result is a highly personal, relatable movie with a lot of rewatch potential.

After first seeing the movie in December, I immediately bought it on DVD. This is rare for me, especially with a movie that’s available on Netflix. I was a fan of Mike Birbiglia the stand-up and was genuinely impressed with Mike Birbiglia the filmmaker. I hope this is the start of a long film career for him and I, for one, really cannot wait to see what he does next.


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You can also buy Sleepwalk With Me on Amazon for $9.99 right now. You can also grab Mike Birbiglia’s “2 Drink Mike” stand-up album on Amazon MP3. It’s my personal favorite of his stand-up albums. Literally every track is gold. I love it.

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