Who doesn’t love good stand-up comedy? More importantly, who doesn’t love great stand-up comedy?

Recently added to Netflix’s streaming library is the latest stand-up special from Mike Birbiglia. Hot off the success of his first movie, Sleepwalk With Me, Birbigs has released My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. Recorded in Seattle on May 21st, 2013, this special is a great blend of classic bits from his stand-up past and new material.

Birbiglia tells the story of a past relationship while interweaving stories that all fit his particular tone and an overarching theme. One of my favorite things about Mike Birbiglia’s stand-up is his use of self-deprecating humor. Comedians and self-deprecation go hand in hand but Birbiglia’s brand comes from an honest and more self-aware place than most other comics.

I’ve been following Mike Birbiglia’s career for several years now. I can say with some relative authority that My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend is some of the best work that Birbigs has done. He has spent years refining his routine and honing his presence on stage. The fruits of his labors are on display. This is the best I’ve seen from him. Given his successful past, that is a huge compliment.

After the success of Sleepwalk With Me, I really hoped Birbiglia’s next movie would be an adaptation of My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend. At the time, I had only heard the titular bit in a past stand-up act of his. Having now seen the complete show (or at least the straight stand-up routine version of it), I cannot overstate how much I want him to adapt it.

Mike Birbiglia’s storytelling prowess in this stand-up special offers a marriage of heartfelt commentary on relationships and socially awkward tales that make you feel for the performer and admire his craft. The intricate plotting of the story he tells made me want to watch it again immediately after the credits rolled. I really hope it gets turned into a movie some day.



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